This medicine is used for the treatment of ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity in the brain. The medicine works in the brain and changes some of the substances to make sure the activity of the brain is balanced. This medicine helps to pay attention to things in a better way and remain alert all the times. The medicine is also used to improve the listening skills and organize your tasks and then do them accordingly.


Patients with allergy records should not use this medicine and inform your doctor before taking the medicine. If you ever had any blood circulation problems in the past then inform your doctor about them. Rather inform your doctor about your complete medical history before taking this medicine. Patients with previous record in the family of mental disorder must not use this. This medicine is also sensitive to the people with mood problems. Heart patients should not use this medicine at all as this is very dangerous for them.

Side Effects

The medicine does have some side effects despite many advantages.

The biggest problem it can cause is the weight loss and the loss of the appetite. You may also feel dizzy after taking this medicine. Dry mouth and some stomach issues are also reported in the patients using this medicine. The medicine can raise your blood pressure as well.

If you are having any of the above mentioned symptoms then visit your doctor at once and change your medicine as it is not working as it should.