It is used to balance the chemicals in the mind which are not working properly. Mainly this medicine is used for the treatment of the anxiety.


If you are allergic to these types of medicine do not use it at all. This medicine is not recommended for the pregnant ladies as it is going to harm the new born baby and bring life threatening issues in the new born. Do not misuse it because it can cause death and other addiction problem. If you are used to of alcohol then stop taking this medicine as it is going to increase the effects of the medicine.

Do not buy this medicine from the vendors online because it may contain harmful objects which can have serious problems on the body.

Side Effects

The medicine does have some side effects as well which must be considered before the usage. Some of them are very serious and must be reported to the doctor as soon as possible and some are very common and can be ignored as well.

You can feel sleepiness and more relaxed after taking this medicine which is not a common symptom. You can have stomach problems like pain in the stomach and losing interest in the pleasure activities. You can also lose your memory and pain in the back as well. Sometimes there are some problems related to the memory as well.

If you ever feel any such issues report it to your doctor and change your medicine at once.