Avanafil relaxes the muscles of the body and helps in smooth flow of the blood to some particular parts of the body. Mostly this medicine is used for the erectile dysfunction in the body.


The medicine can harm the body if used with certain other medicine so make sure you are using it only when the doctor recommended you so. If you are taking any nitrate drugs stop using this one as they both may harm your body.

If the erection is painful or last longer, that can cause your body some serious problems. The doctor must be contacted at once if the erection remains longer than 4 hours.

If you are allergic to such medicine then avoid the usage. Taking this medicine with other medicine of the same kind can decrease the blood pressure of the body which is very dangerous for the body.

Inform your doctor about your complete medical history before taking this medicine. If you are having any heart problem then this medicine is not suitable for you at all. In case you had the heart surgery in the last 6 months stop using this medicine. Patients with chest pain or any other blood pressure issues should avoid the medicine. If you have any bleeding issue then avoid using the medicine. Liver and kidney patients are also not good for this type of the medication. Patients with the history of the stomach ulcer are also not suitable for this medicine.

People with the background of the vision or hearing problems may also face serious problems after using this medicine. Deformity in the penis is also an issue which must not be there for the usage of this medicine. Similarly if you are told by your doctors not to have the sexual intercourse even then avoid using this medicine.

Side effects

There are some side effects of the medicine which must be considered before using the medicine. However these side effects are not heavier than the advantages if the doctor recommended you this medicine.

Your vision can change at once after taking this medicine. If not completely lost, it can change as well. Hearing problems are also very common you may loss the hearing and if not lost completely you can feel ringing in your ears after taking this medicine. Heart attack symptoms are also seen among the patients who are taking this medicine.

You may also feel pain in your legs and severe swelling is also reported among some cases. Beside pain, redness and warmth in the legs is also seen among the patients using this medicine. Swelling of hands and feet is also very common among the patients. Breath problems are also seen like shortening of the breath among the patients.

A light headed feeling is also felt like you may pass out after using this medicine. If the penis erection lasts more than 4 hours it is going to harm the penis.

Before using the medicine keep all these side effects in your mind and then use it only when prescribed by the doctor.