This medicine is used for anti-inflammatory drugs. This medicine actually reduces the hormones in the body and releases pain as well. All types of pains in the body are removed by taking this medicine.


If you are using this medicine for a long term then this can cause severe heart problems and heart attack as well. Do not use this medicine after bypass or any surgery related to heart. You can have bleeding in stomach and intestine as well. This can cause and even if you already have then try not to use it.

People with previous symptoms of the asthma and other such issues should avoid this medicine. In case you are having previous history of liver or kidney diseases as well.

Side Effects

There are some harmful effects of the medicine which must be considered before using it. You can feel high fever and cough as well during the usage of this medicine.  You may feel sore throat as well. Sneezing and skin rash issues are also reported in some of the patients after using this medicine.

Pains and ache in the muscle is also very common in the people who are using this medicine. Vision can also get affected after using this medicine. Skin color also becomes very pale at times. Heavy bleeding issues are also reported in some cases.

If you are having any symptoms which are mentioned above then report to your doctor as soon as possible and get a new medicine from the doctor.