The responses which include odd behaviors in the human psychology are termed as anxiety.  During the anxiety we feel sudden change in the respiration rate, heart rate increases; weakness, fatigue, trembling and other feeling of danger surround us.

Xanax is used for the medication of the anxiety and is very helpful in this condition.

Uses of Anxiety Medicines

It brings a complete balance between the chemicals in the brain which are unbalance and causing anxiety.


If you are allergic to these types of medicines do not use it at all. Xanax is also prohibited during the pregnancy as well. Your baby can have serious birth defects if you are taking this medicine. Misuse of this medicine can cause serious problems and addictions as well which may cause death as well. Stop drinking alcohol if you are taking this medicine because that is going to worsen the effects of the medicine.

Side Effects

This medicine does have some serious side effects as well which must be reported to the doctor as soon as possible. You may start forgetting different things after using this medicine. Speech and hearing patterns of the body get affected after the usage of this medicine. You may feel very sad and drowsy as well after taking the medicine. You can have serious trouble in speaking different things and hearing as well. In short the sense of speaking and hearing get affected from this.

You may also feel headache and other diseases during the usage of this medicine. If any of the above mentioned symptoms happens stop using it and contact your doctor as soon as possible.