Insomnia is the inability to walk and sleep in the day and night.
Most of the Ambien variants is used for the cure of this disease.
Uses of Insomnia Medicine:
This medicine will help you fall asleep immediately and give you relief from the disease known as insomnia.
This medicine will affect your reactions and thinking patterns as well. After taking the medicine do not use machinery or any other thing at least 4 hours after waking up because you are not fully active after that. The reactions are quite allergic to be careful. The memory loss is also experienced like if you had sex after this you will forget about it in the morning.
Side Effects of using  Insomnia  Medicine
There are great benefits of the medicine but sometimes it do cause some unwanted affects in the body. You may feel strong chest pain after using this medicine. Memory loss is very common you will forget about your identity and the things and the people around you after taking this medicine. Shakiness in the body, fever and unwanted thoughts may also surround you after taking this medicine.
In case you are feeling any of the above mentioned problems do consult your doctor and stop using the medicine until further recommended by the doctor. There are some less affects as well like pain in the bladder. You can have dry mouth and severe sleepiness as well after this medicine. Be very careful about these things and consult your doctor as soon as possible.