The dosage of this medicine is recommended to you after checking your medical history from the doctor. This runs the blood to some special parts of the body and helps in the erectile dysfunction of the body.
Uses of Levitra:
If you are having different kind of allergies then avoid this medicine because it is going to have negative effects on the whole body. This medicine is used for the problems related to the erection or even sometimes painful erection in the body.
Precautions while using Levitra:
You are recommended not to use alcohol with this medicine or any other drugs as well. Grape fruits are also harmful with this medicine so avoid using them as well. The patients with any heart attack problems in the last 6 months should avoid the medicine. As we told you it is used for the blood flow in the specific parts of the body that can be eyes as well and result in sudden vision loss.
Side Effects of Levitra:
In case of allergy you can have serious problems in your body so stop using it and consult your doctor as soon as possible. This can change your vision at large. Hearing problems are reported as well and you can have ringing in your ear after using this medicine. In case you feel any kind of chest pain then stop using it because that can lead to heart attack as well. If the penis erection remains longer than 4 hours then it can damage it and have some serious problems in it.