Painful contraction in the muscles is a common issue these days and we have a lot of medicine which are then used to relax the muscles from these issues. The most common medicine used for this disease is Flexiril.


This medicine is used for the muscles relaxer. This medicine will block the muscle nerves and bring rest in the brain. The medicine is used for muscles relaxer with other activities like rest and physical therapy.


If you have used MAO inhibitors previously then avoid using it. The people with past history of heart attack or any other issues related to heart must not use this. The medicine can also cause serious effects on your thinking patterns as well. After taking the medicine do not do anything which needs attention and alertness like driving and other things. Drugs are also prohibited after this medicine like alcohol and other such harmful substances.

Side Effects

Besides a lot of relief and advantages it does have side effects on the body which must be reported to the doctor as soon as possible and stop using the medicine as well.

You may faint after taking the medicine and sometimes become very confused in simple situations as well. Depression is also experienced and the problems in the urination are also very common after taking the medicine. The color of the eyes may also change and become yellow and sometimes even the color of the skin becomes yellow. Hearing problems such as buzzing and ringing in the ears is also common in the patients taking this medicine.

If you come across any such symptom visit your doctor as soon as possible and change your medicine.