Pain Killers

The medicine which is used for the unpleasant body conditions and sensitiveness are called pain killers. Most common medicine for these types of pains is Tramadol.


This is a pain killer which removes pain from different parts of the body. This medicine can be used for sever and less pain in the body.


If you are having serious breathing problems in the past then avoid using this medicine as it is going to harm you. People with problems in your stomach and intestines or you are addicted to the alcohol and any other such thing in the past. This medicine can slow down your breathing. The children’s under the 12 are not suitable for this medicine.

The medicine is not recommended for the women with pregnancy as it will harm the new born baby. Do not use drugs which cause drowsiness or other breathing issues, usage of the alcohol with this medicine is not suitable.

Side Effects

The medicine does have positive effects but at the same time it has some negatives effects on the body which must be considered before the usage. You can have abnormal effect on the sensation as well. Sometimes you may also feel blood in your urine after taking this medicine. Vision also gets affected from this medicine and sometimes you can have problem in the urination as well