This medicine is also used for the pain relief. The medicine is used for moderate and severe pain as well.
Uses of Oxycodone:
Take this medicine as recommended by the doctor. Never take longer amount of medicine because that can cause other diseases as well. The medicine must be taken with the food only. If you are using the liquid form of the medicine then take the exact measurement of it.
Precautions while taking Oxycodone;
Do not use this medicine if you are having any asthmatic issue. Even if you have problems in your intestine or stomach try not to use this medicine as it is going to affect you. Miss-use of this medicine can even cause addiction and in some cases death of the patient as well. Use this medicine only when prescribed by a pharmacist.
Side effects of Oxycodone:
It can affect your breathing so be careful about this thing. The pulse and the heart beat rate can also get affected due to the use of this medicine. You may feel that you are going to pass out after using this medicine. Vomiting, nausea and some other symptoms of constipation can also occur so you are recommended to contact your doctor as soon as you feel any such thing after using this medicine.

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