Silagra relaxes the smooth muscles present in the blood vessels. It also helps in the flow of the blood in many areas of the body. Mostly this medicine is used for the erectile dysfunction. It can also be used for the hypertension.

Side effects

The medicine is good for all the patients but it does have some side effects at the same time. However keep in mind that your doctor recommended you the medicine because the advantage is more than the side effects.

You may start feeling severe headache after taking the medicine. Flushing and body nose is also expected among the patients after using this medicine. Severe indigestions and dizziness is also a side effect of this medicine. Blood in the urine is also a serious side effect of the medicine. The urination may become painful at times. It also affects the vision and in some cases you may also lose your vision at all. The patients also become very sensitive to light after using it.


The patients with background of allergic behavior to different medicine must not use this medicine. The pregnant women’s must avoid this medicine unless it is an emergency situation. At the same time the mothers who are breastfeeding their children’s should not use this medicine at all. The effect of the alcohol increases with this medicine so we must avoid them as well. Try to minimize the use or totally avoid any sort of drugs that may cause dizziness.

Neurontin Capsule

This medication is used to prevent the seizure. The nerve pain is also controlled after using this medicine. The after which one experiences after shingles is fully controlled by this. You need to take the medicine as recommended by your pharmacist.


You can take the medicine with your mouth with and without food as well. The children’s need to take the medicine depending on their weight and the adults are recommended the medicine by doctors after looking at their medical condition. If you are splitting it into two make sure you take the next part on the next dosage or destroy it completely. Do not stop the medication until your doctor instructs you so. This can increase the seizure immediately.

Side Effects

There are few side effects as well but keep in mind that your doctor recommended it to you because the side effects are less than the advantage of the medical after looking at your medical condition.

You may start feeling dizziness. Tired and drowsiness are also seen in the patients which are using this medicine. You may also feel unusual eye movement and sometimes shakiness in the body as well. Swelling may also occur in your ankles, feet and hands.

Patients may also feel some suicidal thoughts after taking the medicine because they are in high depression after using the medicine. The medicine does not have any serious allergic reactions but even then some little bit are expected in the patients.

Some other side effects do occur in the patients but you must use it if a doctor recommended it to you.