This medicine is used for the relaxation of the body muscles. People with serious issues with the muscles pain and injuries mostly use this medicine.
Uses of Soma:
The medicine is used with the physical therapy to cure the injuries and pains in the muscles of the body. You need to take this medicine 3 times before bed time but do follow the instructions given by the doctor about the medicines.
Side Effects of Some:
Sedation and drowsiness are two of the most common side effects of this medicine. You can feel strong headache as well during this medicine. If you are having poor control on the bladder then stop using it as it will further loosen your control on it. It can affect your urination as well and cause serious problems for you in the sexual activities. Bleeding and tiredness in the whole body is also felt during the usage of this medicine. Soma can harm your baby as well so if you are pregnant avoid usage of this medicine.
Precautions while using Soma:
Over dosage of this medicine is very harmful so avoid taking too much of it. Use it only when prescribed by a pharmacist and take the exact amount of it as recommended by the doctor. If you are already having some genetic enzymes disorder this medicine is not for you.
Misuse and the overdose can result in addiction and in some cases death as well so be careful. Patients with the previous history of liver diseases, kidney issues and seizures are recommended not to use this medicine.

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